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Future of work

3D printer printing plastic ornament - suggesting the future of work
General Wellbeing

Tomorrow’s world

‘I’ll have six jobs in my lifetime, my children will have six jobs at the same time.’ Tomorrow’s jobs will be here sooner than we think, what will this mean for employee engagement and wellbeing?

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View atop hazy mountains looking towards the future
General Wellbeing

Future proofing

Don’t believe all the scare stories about the future of work – with new tech comes new opportunities. But will your employees be equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead, asks Paul Barrett.

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Supporting an ageing workforce
General Wellbeing

Generation 50+

Never mind millennials, what about generation 50+? As working life extends, it’s going to become vital for employers to adapt to an ageing workforce, here are ten ways to help you do so.

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