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Flexible working

agile working
Social Wellbeing

Rethinking the game

The days of command-and-control are over, but bringing agile working from concept to reality is not just about updating policies around where, when and how people work; it’s about rebooting organisational culture.

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Maternity leave
Social Wellbeing

Maternity at home

When maternity is poorly managed it doesn’t just hurt employees, it’s costly for employers too. Here are four ways to help you support employees during maternity leave and on their return to work.

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Work-life integration – the successor to work-life balance?
Social Wellbeing

Blending work + life

Paul Barrett finds there’s an appetite for companies to do more around work-life integration, the successor to work-life balance. But first, traditional attitudes around work and trust need to change.

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Eliminating fear and developing workplace adjustments are vital to supporting employee mental health
Mental Wellbeing

Dropping the act

The idea that employees can leave their mental health conditions at home is not realistic, writes Helen White-Knight. Removing fear and developing workplace adjustments stops people feeling they need to.

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Why having a workplace carer policy is becoming increasingly important
Social Wellbeing

Working with carers

When carers are made to choose between caring responsibilities and their job it can be a lose-lose situation for them and their employer. A workplace carer policy can help you keep valuable employees.

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