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Diversity & inclusion

Closeup of roll of film indicating complexity of disability data
Physical Wellbeing

Hard numbers

Disability consultant Graeme Whippy MBE explains why your organisation’s disability data might not be telling you the full story, and gives you some pointers on how you can improve on this.

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Flowers stretching towards a brighter future
Mental Wellbeing

Inclusion, unboxed

D&I professionals: if you really want to build a culture of inclusion in your workplace, stop putting people in condition-specific boxes and start looking at their actual needs, says Helen White-Knight.

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How diversity and inclusion is shaping a new kind of culture at RBS
General Wellbeing

Channel for change

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) isn’t done by HR in a dark room. Marjorie Strachan, Group Head of Inclusion at RBS, talks about how she and her team are using D&I to shape a new kind of culture at the bank.

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Supporting an ageing workforce
General Wellbeing

Generation 50+

Never mind millennials, what about generation 50+? As working life extends, it’s going to become vital for employers to adapt to an ageing workforce, here are ten ways to help you do so.

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