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Paul Barrett

View atop hazy mountains looking towards the future
General Wellbeing

Future proofing

Don’t believe all the scare stories about the future of work – with new tech comes new opportunities. But will your employees be equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead, asks Paul Barrett.

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Financial Wellbeing

Time to do more

Our whitepaper examines why money worries affect more than the individuals in trouble, and what some leading organisations are doing to promote financial wellbeing among the workforce.

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Employee wellbeing
General Wellbeing

The wellbeing takeover

‘Wellbeing’ is becoming one of the defining terms we use to conceptualise our world. Paul Barrett examines its emergence and our growing understanding of how health and happiness affect performance.

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Work-life integration – the successor to work-life balance?
Social Wellbeing

Blending work + life

Paul Barrett finds there’s an appetite for companies to do more around work-life integration, the successor to work-life balance. But first, traditional attitudes around work and trust need to change.

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mental health in the financial sector
Mental Wellbeing

Community of interest

As part of Responsible Business Week, BITC’s Wellbeing Director Louise Aston talks about changing perspectives on mental health in the financial sector, and how some companies are leading the way.

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