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Paul Barrett

Work-life integration – the successor to work-life balance?
Social Wellbeing

Blending work + life

Paul Barrett finds there’s an appetite for companies to do more around work-life integration, the successor to work-life balance. But first, traditional attitudes around work and trust need to change.

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mental health in the financial sector
Mental Wellbeing

Community of interest

As part of Responsible Business Week, BITC’s Wellbeing Director Louise Aston talks about changing perspectives on mental health in the financial sector, and how some companies are leading the way.

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Why unhealthy organisational culture could be smothering your wellbeing strategy
General Wellbeing

The culture fix

All too frequently, a company’s wellbeing strategy gets no buy-in at board level. For employers and employees to benefit from wellbeing, it needs to be part of organisational culture.

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employee financial problems
Financial Wellbeing

The fourth pillar

Debt, in-work poverty and other employee financial problems are rapidly gaining recognition as having serious impacts on workplace performance. A fact that companies can no longer afford to ignore.

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The missing link in your organisation’s mental health policy
Mental Wellbeing

The missing link

Many companies keep mental health policies at a distance from where mental health problems usually surface: with line managers. Ensure your managers are champions of your policy, not its missing link.

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If your business is running on tired employees it’s going nowhere fast.
Physical Wellbeing

Running on empty

A quarter of the UK population suffer some form of sleep disorder that creates problems for them most of the time. If your business is running on tired employees it’s likely to be going nowhere fast.

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An appropriate response to bereaved employees
Social Wellbeing

Operating at a loss

Losing a loved one is an event that profoundly affects each and every one of us. Yet too often bereaved employees find that support in the workplace is missing just when they need it most.

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