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Paul Barrett

Image of office buildings
General Wellbeing

Creating well workplaces

The workplace is changing and it’s changing rapidly. A combination of technological innovations and economic trends mean businesses are having to adapt quickly to developments that are not always easy to anticipate.

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Mental Wellbeing

Mindfulness at work

Our new whitepaper, Mindfulness in the workplace, explores why businesses are increasingly adopting the meditation-based practice – benefiting both employees and the organisations themselves.

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General Wellbeing

The EAP gap

Since they first appeared here in the 80s, EAPs have become a familiar feature of the UK workplace, but their usage rates are disappointingly low. Paul Barrett outlines 10 ways you can get more value from your EAP spend.

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3D printer printing plastic ornament - suggesting the future of work
General Wellbeing

Tomorrow’s world

‘I’ll have six jobs in my lifetime, my children will have six jobs at the same time.’ Tomorrow’s jobs will be here sooner than we think, what will this mean for employee engagement and wellbeing?

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